• Bohemian Rhapsody

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    The movie the world is talking about the story about Queen or more importantly Freddie Mercury. They take you on a trip through Freddie’s life from when he was a teenager to the best rock n roll show in history.

    Movie starts out with getting ready for the Rite Aid concert then goes into teenage Freddie trying to figure out what hes doing with his life. He goes to a club and watches a band play. After the band finishes he goes backstage to find them. On his way is where he meets the love of his life Marry and then finds the band who just lost their lead singer. He tells them he can be their lead singer and the rest is history.

    I highly recommend going to see this movie specially if you love Queen the music sounds so amazing in the theater and the acting is fantastic and whole story is a roller coaster ride. Rami did such a great job as Freddie and all the other actors were just as great.

    They show the whole Rite Aid performance performed by the actors and it is mind blowing and beautiful and I wish I could just keep watching it over and over again.

    Did you see it and love it as much as I did? Lets chat about it in my Discord server https://discord.gg/0h5ByIDJ3zM0EKEk

  • Updated Site

    I’ve had this website up and running for many years now but it has not gotten me where I need to go. So I decided after talking to a few friends at my latest local con that I need to step up my game. So to start that off I figured I should start with the place that I want everyone to go to first which is this website.

    I wanted to make it look more new and professional and easier for users to come and purchase all the art that I work so hard on all year round. Next will be my social media sites so stay tuned for that!

    Please give some feed back it is very much appreciated.

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